The innovative Body Boosting Detox Wrap actively firms and tightens the skin, effectively aiding in the loss of unwanted inches. Detoxifying and refining the skin, the wrap treatment contours the body whilst reducing signs of unwanted cellulite and dull skin tones after just one treatment.




A unique treatment that offers immediate results, the Detox Wrap is beneficial to anyone wanting to tone, tighten and balance and should be taken in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime for best results. It is also ideal as an individual treatment before special occasions to ensure your client looks and feels their best.


During the treatment the advanced MONUspa Slim Gel, enriched with a stimulating blend of Sweet Fennel, Seaweed and Distilled Witch Hazel, is applied to the body helping to promote inch loss through the intra-cellular drainage of the lymphatic system. Apply to the whole body or certain problem areas, dependent on the needs of your clients, and layer compression bandages to stimulate both deep and superficial veins.


Targeting the appearance of unwanted cellulite, this treatment stimulates the skin to improve tone and texture for a noticeably firmer look. We advise taking before and after pictures of your client to help identify progress and visualise the benefits. 



Treatment Benefits


Slim Gel, enhanced with an energising combination of Seaweed and Horse Chestnut Extract, helps combat water retention and improve circulation. When applied to the body, excess fluid is drained to calmly cleanse and purify, banishing dull skin tones and instantly brightening and firming.


The addition of Sweet Fennel Essential Oil helps soothe the body as well as the mind. It cleanses, hydrates and tones the skin whilst removing excess water for a naturally firmer, more youthful appearance.


Enriched with Mineral Salts that play a key role in the health, function and cell generation, Slim Gel targets dryness, dullness, irritation and an uneven skin tone. In addition, dirt, grime and toxins are absorbed by the salts to leave skin cleansed, purified and protected.


The astringent properties of Distilled Witch Hazel draws excess oil from the skin, reducing signs of swelling and soothing irritation.


For best results, recommend your client to uptake this treatment as a course. They should have a wrap once a week for six weeks, then once a month to maintain

Help your client feel brilliantly beautiful with the Body Boosting Detox Wrap to lift, tone and firm


Body Boosting Detox Wrap

Key Actives


Seaweed rich in minerals to help revitalise, hydrate and firm. When applied to the body it draws excess fluids from the skin to cleanse, exfoliate and purify.


Horse Chestnut Extract is a vaso-constrictor containing Vitamin P to strengthen capillary walls, aid circulation and even skin tone.


Sweet Fennel Essential Oil acts as a diuretic to remove excess water from the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Mineral Salts to balance, protect, restore moisture and brighten.


Distilled Witch Hazel, an astringent and decongestant, tightens skin whilst comforting and aiding circulation.


Selling Points


The Body Boosting Detox Wrap is ideal for incorporating into a healthy lifestyle to aid inch loss. Similarly, it also offers an ideal one-off treatment prior to an event or special occasion to help your client feel refined and radiant. Skin is toned, detoxified and smoothed whilst overall health is promoted. 



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